Local Wikis are websites on living in or visiting your city that anyone can edit!

Free Skools offer classes taught by members of your community.  Anyone can learn, anyone can teach.
East Bay Free Skool
San Francisco Free School

FemSexComm is a modified version of the UC Berkeley Female Sexuality workshop series.
Coworking spaces offer cubicles, conference rooms, other office facilities, and a communal workplace with other freelancers that you can rent by the hour or by the day. 
Blue Door Lab - Ashby BART, Berkeley
Sharespace - Ashby BART, Berkeley
Tech Liminal - 14th St, Downtown Oakland

Organizations started by co-opers:
Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive(CoFED) helps college students start food co-ops. 
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC) provides education on food choices that help health, the environment, and animals.
Community Spaces
a listing of Bay Area infoshops and hackerspaces.

Ace Monster Toys -North Oakland hackerspace
Hackermoms - South Berkeley near Ashby BART.  Childcare available.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The The Holdout is an event space, bookshop, and bike collective in West Oakland.

The Long Haul is an event and meeting space, infoshop, computer facility, and zine production space in South Berkeley near Ashby BART.

Sudoroom is a creative community and hacker space in downtown Oakland for activists and tech developers to work on projects for social change.

Conferences and Events

Co-op Camp

Fun recreation and cooperative living on the mountains for one week every year in July. Discount to Berkeley Student Cooperative alumni.

Art of Community Conference
Annual conference of the Fellowship for Intentional Community with workshops in late September.