Worker & Consumer Co-ops

Consumer co-ops are businesses owned by those who shop there.  Profits are returned to member-owners.  The running of the business itself is often done by a mix of members and staff.  Members elect the business's leaders.

Credit unions
are member owned financial institutions.  They provided the same services as a bank, such as loans, checking accounts, and debit cards.  Credit union board of directors are elected by members, and any profit is distributed to the member-owners.

Nonprofit co-ops have boards elected by members.  Profits from the organization's business operations support its social mission.

Worker co-ops
are businesses owned and run by the people who work there.  Everyone is a manager, and everyone is an employee.
Where can I find co-op businesses?

Throughout the Bay Area At this site you can enter a zip code and display a list of credit unions nearby.

Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC) directory includes retail, restaurants, design services, tech service, groceries, delivery services, entertainment, education, and healthcare. is a nationwide directory.


The Berkeley Student Food Collective offers fresh produce, groceries, and grab-and-go food.
2440 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA

BicyCal provides free bike repair, teaches you how to fix bikes, and sells helmets, tubes, and other basic accessories on the UC Berkeley campus.  Lower Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley.