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Food: An Atlas currently fundraising

posted Oct 2, 2012, 3:35 PM by Alfred Twu
Food an Atlas . It's a Kickstarter campaign for a project Molly Roy has been working on in the past few months. She's co-editing an atlas related to all things food, which means she's been trying to organize 100 cartographers, educators, food policy organizers, artists and an admin team to work together to create a bunch of cool maps all in a span of FIVE MONTHS (the idea was conceived mid-June, and we want to send this to the printer November 16th). This is an experiment in what my co-editor likes to call "guerrilla cartography," meaning that we value collaboration, don't want to depend on a publisher, everyone's a volunteer, and we do this fast. No one is getting paid except the printers and perhaps someone to pack and ship the books, and people volunteer their time to the extend that they want to. It's crowd-produced, -funded, and -published, and it's already brought together an incredible community of map-lovers, food-lovers, art-lovers, and book-lovers.
Fundraising deadline: October 23.