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ForageSF Kitchen Manager

posted Aug 19, 2012, 11:10 PM by Alfred Twu
Kitchen Manager job at ForageSF, a local food movement organization, running a food prep coworking space.
- Full time
- Salaried
- Starts September.  

1.     Managing the operations of forageSF and Forage Kitchen
2.     In charge of the finances of the organization.
3.     Be the main point of contact for all employees and interns, and oversee their progress on projects as well as assigning new projects.
4.     Willingness/ability to learn and do anything that is required.
5.     Working to regularly recruit volunteers/interns, and managing their progress.
6.     Manage Forage Kitchen when it opens.
7.     Work on managing the Forage Kitchen project as it develops.

Details here.